One thought on “Happy Hips and Back – YTU”

  1. We had a Great Turnout! Thanks to those that made it! It was so nice to have you all there! Here is a Outine for the Happy Hips & Back Workshop. Keep Rolling on the therapy balls to keep your body healthy!

    YTU info
    Anatomy landmarks
    Direction of Movement
    Breathing Primer & Intension

    Ball Massage
    Foot- Hamstring release
    Deep 6 lateral rotators
    IT band
    Low Back Mow
    QL wash
    Psoas TP

    Warm up
    Monk walks in place
    Prasarita Lunges – side to side
    Hip Hikers & rolls – with block
    Stretch forward fold on block

    Upright Upanasana versions
    Knee lift, back extension
    Shin Jive
    Adductor slides with blanket
    Abductor lifts with blocks or barre
    Moon Rises

    Leg stretch series
    Pelvic primer with block

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